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The Drink: Mombucha


Mombucha is Rich Awn’s artisanal kombucha (a rich fermented tea brew that dates back to the Qin Dynasty) brewed, bottled and labeled by hand at “Magick City,” his commercial brewery located in Greenpoint and site of this Nightcap Riot. As part of the evening’s festivities, Rich will offer a tour of his brewery, tastings of various Mombucha varietals (including Black Vanilla, Gingermint and Orange Blood) and even teach Nightcap Rioters how to brew their own kombucha. Nightcap Riot will feature Mombucha-focused cocktails throughout the evening at a unique bar curated by Rich and special VIP guests from NYC’s culinary scene. All attendees of Nightcap Riot will also receive a six-pack of Mombucha to take home at the conclusion of the festivities.


Nightcap Riot presents Rich Awn’s Mombucha experience in tandem with the world-premiere production of the play “Destiny and the Little Man” by Jim Knable and Sugary Buzz’s curated music series by Gary Su to create the ultimate total night out.


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