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 Transmission Party: “One Man Pop Music Experiment”


Combing sounds of the past & present, TRANSMISSION PARTY is on the cutting edge of indie rock. Founding & sole member, Tommy Byrnes, 25, writes & performs all that you hear... with a little help from his friends.


Transmission Party - One Man Pop music Experiment
The Foxfires - Seagaze - Death Cab for Cutie meets The Flaming Lips
 The Foxfires featuring Christian Diana - “Seagaze - Death Cab for Cutie meets The Flaming Lips”

The Foxfires formed late summer 2013 as a side project between song writer Christian Diana and guitarist Christian Cordero, and was later joined by bassist Adam Kahn. The band has toured the tri-state area extensively and even opened for acts such as Rookie of the Year, Sparks the Rescue, This Good Robot, Pentimento and Have Mercy. In May 2014, The Foxfiresfinished/released their first full band EP entitled "Departure". 

With the start of 2015, the band signed to Manic Kat Records and released their debut EP "Seasons", which is now available on iTunes and Amazon. Soon afterwards, Brandon Vallejo entered as the new drummer of The Foxfires, and with numerous tour dates this summer, 2015 is looking to be a very big year for the band.

 Tarana: “Synth/Drums duo blurring lines between the electronic & acoustic.”


Tarana was formed was in 2003 by Ravish Momin, a Indian born versatile percussionist/composer/electronic musician/educator currently residing in New York City. Ravish cut his jazz teeth performing/recording with the legendary saxophonist Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre of the Association for the Creative Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) in the early 2000s. Inspired by their music, Ravish has continued to draw inspiration from various world music genres to produce his own shape-shifting world/jazz/electronic group. 


Tarana - Synth/Drums duo blurring lines between the electronic & acoustic
JC Brooks and The K.i.D
 JC Brooks & The K.i.D: "Cabaret, performance poetry, electropop"

The K.i.D. is a thetawave r&b project featuring Jayson Brooks as "Bobby Melodrama" and Jeremy Tromburg as "TKLA". They both play music around town with groups like JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, The Hadleys, The Ragtones, and Otter Petter to name a few. Long live the king.


Natti Vogel
Transmission Party
Douglas and the Goodharts
The Foxfires
Stephen Babcock
 Natti Vogel: “Alternative, lyrical, jazzy, classically-induced theater rock”

At his most lyrical, Natti sings with an abandon that is not a product of Bloomberg’s New York, with its clean streets and bank-sponsored bicycles. It’s amazing how money produces pretty art that looks like money. Natti comes from an older tradition. With him, a song is not a brand or an act, but a strong hand tugging you into the dark.


Natti Vogel
Twiga - simple, poppy, jangly, unpredicatble guitar
 Twiga: "Simple, poppy, jangly, unpredictable guitar"

Twiga is a band from Brooklyn that shares a love of catchy, jangly pop, giraffes, and the Mark Tom and Travis show. The band formed as an outlet for Dave Lucas' love of simple, poppy, unpredictable guitar. After writing and recording Twiga’s debut EP Fledglings, Dave joined up with Justin Krim, Jaclyn Perrone, and Nick Spizzirri to bring these songs to life onstage. They have played all over New York City, Philadelphia, and Chicago, in basements, lofts, concert halls, DIY garages, and more. In late 2014, Dave teamed up with Lou D’Adamio to help launch North End Records with the vinyl 7” release of Fledglings. Recently the band released their first music video for "Kites", the lead single off of their latest EP of the same name.

Douglas and The Goodharts - Super Soul Music
 Douglas and The Goodharts - “Super Soul Music”


"Soulful," “Heartfelt,” and “Funky As Hell.” Formed in New York City, this dynamic soul group has been delighting audiences with deep grooves and deeply personal songs written by their leader Douglas Goodhart. 


After having his heart broken by a long term love, Douglas picked up a pen and grabbed his guitar and began to tell his stories: an unrequited love affair with a neighbor, the hurtful things said during a breakup, and how he "can't commit but will commute" when it comes to love.  


Douglas' unique ability to tell a story through song combined with his dynamic dance moves and tight control over his six piece backing band is what has brought Douglas and the Goodharts in the span of two short years from sporadic shows at Rockwood Music Hall, to headlining shows at Brooklyn Bowl and B.B. Kings in front of a fast-growing audience of fans.

SisterMonk: “A colorful, female powered, djembe driven party”


SisterMonk's original music is female-powered, djembe-driven,  rythm-centric & culturally diverse.

Soulful vocals, deep bottomed grooves & powerful lyrics have gained the band solid fan base from east to west coast.


SisterMonk performs regularly underground (as members of MTA's Music Under New York program) and at various venues around New York City, such as Bowery Electric, The  Mercury  Lounge, and Rockwood Music Hall.

The band  has recently been featured in The Village Voice for their performance in Make Music New York Festival 2014.


SisterMonk tours nationally and has shared the stage with such notable acts as Gogol Bordello, Zap Mama, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Anoushka Shankar,  Mario Batali, and more. Band members are Kathy Deane - lead vocals, percussion; Jody Rubel - guitar, backing vocals; Tani Tilsner - secondary vocals, keyboards; Andi Buch - bass.


SisterMonk - A colorful, female powered, djembe driven party
The Foxfires - Seagaze - Death Cab for Cutie meets The Flaming Lips
 Stephen Babcock - “Jason Mraz meets Otis Redding”

Born and raised in New Hartford, New York and now residing in New York City Stephen began playing guitar at the age of 15 after hearing John Mayer’s “Room For Squares.” Since then, he has continued to craft his skills as a singer-songwriter, recording and performing a catalog of original music, including two EPs and one full-length LPs.


Stephen began his musical career as a drummer, and his transition to a songwriter has weaved a percussive element into his guitar playing and singing. Since humble beginnings as a solo act around Central New York, Stephen has since finely tuned the performance and arrangement of his songs to complement both bold full band shows and intimate acoustic events. Stephen’s live shows distinctly blend singer-songwriter charm and comedic wit, leaving listeners wanting more.


 Tina Fantasy: “Cro-magnon Dream Pop"
Mr. Tina (Jake Maghar), frontman for Vylits, and Christopher Fantasy (Chris Otchy), former keyboardist of Soviet, are teaming up for one night only as "Tina Fantastic," melodious synth-driven salubrious songwriting with a pop-perfect jangle.  This will be a very special, one-of-a-kind performance with two of today's most now artists.






Tina Fantasy - Cromagnon Dream Pop
Evan Nachimson - Folk rock, rhythm and blues
 Evan Nachimson - "Folk rock, rhythm and blues"


Evan Nachimson believes the power of the voice is not in how you sing, rather, what you say. Born in Baltimore, enlightened in Nashville, and toughened in New York, Evan Nachimson's music is all-American. Inspired by revolutionaries like Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Bob Marley, Evan Nachimson's music blends the honesty of folk, with the energy of rock and roll, and style of R&B​​​​​​.







 Hello Beddo: “Chill trap, drumstep, deep house"




Hello Beddo - Chill trap, drumstep, deep house
Hello Beddo
Evan Nachimson
Tina Fantastic
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