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  • A mystical and unexpected space in a brewery, winery, distillery, hotel or restaurant

  • Fifty new friends: VIPs, artists, magicians, pseudoscientists, party animals, the tuxedo class

  • Luscious fermented potions – unparalleled craft artisanal drinks to lift the spirit and soothe the soul

  • Une fête du théâtre, a vigorous theatrical jamboree – great dramatic craft best served with a beverage

  • A singular concert by one of music’s funkiest, spiciest, most soulful acts 




Throw the ingredients into a copper still. Heat until 78 degrees Celsius. Add more libations. Let mix and mingle all night long.


The end result should look like the ultimate date night, an opportunity to meet new, creative friends, to play with artists, to drink from the next dimension and to see the theatre and music of the future.




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